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Buying A Used Electric Hybrid Vehicle? Top Considerations Before You Do.

Introduction Are you considering buying a used electric or hybrid car in Ireland? As the world shifts towards sustainable transportation, electric and hybrid vehicles have become increasingly popular choices for environmentally conscious individuals. However, purchasing a used electric or hybrid… Continue Reading →

Top Tips To Breeze Your NCT Test

Over 50% of cars failed the NCT Test last year with nearly 10% failing the re-test. If you are like me, and have a test coming up, chances are you are more than a little worried about the state of… Continue Reading →

What Does Brexit Mean For The European Car Market?

Many seem to be agonizing over Brexit (64,996 Brits have applied for an Irish passport last year), others (Donald Trump) rejoice in the idea and understand that the UK want a identity of their own. There are many questions to be… Continue Reading →

Barbecue & Road Trip

The days are longer, the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising. What better way to soak up the sun than to grab your portable barbecue, call up all your friends and drive your used car in Ireland. Road… Continue Reading →

Why Irish People Don’t Carpool

If you live in Dublin, you will, no doubt, have experienced traffic jams, honking horns, angry, crazy bus drivers and let’s not forget the endless fumes that make the River Liffey a pool of ugly grey. The simple solution to… Continue Reading →

Electric Vehicles in Ireland

The Irish government aims to have 10% of electric cars on our roads by 2020, which is 230,000 electric vehicles on the streets. Is this goal too low? For those unfamiliar with the different kinds of electric vehicle cars, here is… Continue Reading →

New Years Resolution: Get on your Motorbike and Travel Around Leinster

Ireland is among the top 50 visited places on the planet! What better way to take advantage of our country’s breath-taking landscapes, than on a motorbike? All you have to do is prepare, hit the road, and let the journey… Continue Reading →

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