The days are longer, the sun is shining and the temperatures are rising. What better way to soak up the sun than to grab your portable barbecue, call up all your friends and drive your used car in Ireland. Road trip here we come! You don’t need a super fancy weber barbecue to grill up the best meal, but you do need to know the right techniques and the funnest bunch of friends. Below are some perfect places where you can travel and enjoy the best barbecue with the gang.

The heart of grilling comes from the best grilling techniques

Do you consider yourself a master griller? When it comes to distinguishing between a master griller and an average barbecue cook, the difference lies in who can best manage their barbecue. While you can have the best recipe to hand and you may follow the instructions precisely, the true test comes when you set your food on the grill and how you manipulate the cooking methods, supported by in-depth knowledge of your barbecue. You may have just set out the nicest outdoor dining set, but what about the meal that joins everyone together? The quiz below may be of some use to you. used cars in ireland and road trip, joe duffy cars,

What are the best cars to take on road trips?

Don’t have a car? It’s as simple as renting one and taking it for a spin. But what car?

The Kia Picanto is especially comfortable and small when driving up very steep hills and mountains. This car is designed to fit all your things, big or small. The interior compartments, bottle holders and rotating cup holders, as well as back seat pockets, you can safely stack away any entertainment you may need along the way such as books, CDs or board games. Getting thirsty? Store your drinks within reach and prevent spills due to their incredible holders.

The Ford Fiesta is extremely fuel efficient, using about 4.3l/100km. On long road trips this is ideal, especially if you like to travel a lot. Cruise control on this car will also allow you to relax while driving without having to keep your foot on the accelerator.

The Volkswagen Polo will give you the best travel entertainment thanks to its smart infotainment system that connects your smartphone to your car via the Car-Net App-Connect. Connect with friends or use voice control to tell your car what map directions to show you. Or maybe hit up the tunes and listen to your favourite music via Bluetooth, filling the car with the best-sounding music through 6 speakers.

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There are so many other cars to choose from! It all depends on personal taste and preferences. Before you try to impress your friends with your barbecuing skills though, take the test below to see how good you are.